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Three time performer at the Pure Grenada Music Festival, steadily achieving his dreams of sharing stages
with some of the world’s greatest performers, is this soulful Grenadian artiste, A#keem.

Hike to Concord Falls

Born Akeem David Abraham, fascinated with the art that is music, he flexes his vocals, and writing skills ongroovy instrumentals as an urban-reggae artiste. From gravitating to the spread of love, in a violence ridden society in 2015, to performing his original songs on various stages regionally and internationally, since then, he has been on a journey, from childhood days to adulthood in new environments, to collaborating with Caribbean-loved artistes.



Studio Session with Hervin Hood at Rubato Studio
Studio Session with Hervin Hood at Rubato Studio
Studio Session with Hervin Hood at Rubato Studio

A#keem's academic journey began in J.W Fletcher Memorial Primary School then wrapped up in Trinidad & Tobago after pursuing an Electrical and Electronic Engineering diploma at the University of Trinidad & Tobago. It was really after that chapter of his life, his future in music began as he grew tired of the constantfactor around him, violence.


With determination to inject as much positivity as he could into what he believes to be one of the most powerful influencers, music, he started treading on his current path. reflecting his change in mindset, Akeem became “A#keem” as according to him, “The change of spelling represents the evolution of Akeem as a person, and as well to solidify the name as a brand”.


His sound which can be described as a fusion of reggae and Pop can be heard in his music catalog, including his debut EP, True Story. 


Follow A#keem on his mission to affect permanent positive change with his music and more!

Pure Grenada Music Festival 2017
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